Wednesday, 17 June 2009

June 17

Visited to Gallery Oldham to meet up with Sean Baggaley to discuss how I might progress the project from the Oldham end.  He has offered to send me details of people to contact regarding various ongoing projects and activities along the road and proposed that we set up another meeting with staff at the gallery who work on education, archive and community initiatives.  I'm hoping that they will be able to suggest contact groups and individuals who I could possibly liaise with to help get me started.
While there I also went upstairs to look at the historic panoramic photograph (a glass plate joiner) of the centre of Oldham showing the early industrial scene including the railway, gas works and coal mine and what are now traditional terraced housing being newly built.  So much detail even by today's standards.  

I have recently been offered access to some slides made by Robert Galetta who made a visit to the road back in the 1960's and photographed the shop fronts along the road.  At the time he was anticipating writing a novel about a fictitional band that was based in the area.  I hope to scan some of them and will publish on the blog.

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