Wednesday, 10 June 2009

June 10

1st visit to the area for some time.  I decided to just drive around for a bit and get my bearings.  My first impression is that there have been so many changes made that it was hard to recognize the place as I remembered it.  Many new houses and more gaps where businesses used to be. Billboard posters filling some of these new gaps but some of the terraces and particular buildings at junctions including the pubs still helped to orientate and remind me of the previous project. 
Visited the New East Manchester offices and met up with Lela Cribbin and Joe Williams (cultural regeneration officers) and we discussed how I might progress my project.  They are providing me with suggestions of community groups and schools for me to contact.  Also have an appointment to meet Rebecca Day next week at Adactus Housing, Miles Platting. I believe they have already been running some photography projects. 

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